Real Love Is…

When I was younger I had many ideas of what being in love was all about. I remember the newspaper comic strip titled "Love Is..." that always had some scenario about love and relationships. To the naive, inexperienced generation, it portrayed love as a daily dose of cuteness and fun. And, then I grew up. … Continue reading Real Love Is…

Call Me Crazy…

Just before Noah turned six hundred years old God commanded him to build an ark. Can you imagine the looks and the whispers as he began this task? People thought he was crazy but Noah pushed on and did "all that the Lord commanded him." Being a Christ-follower today still presents its challenges. The world … Continue reading Call Me Crazy…

Darkness and the Light

If you've ever sat in the stillness of dawn you've noticed that light fills the sky a little at a time. It creeps into the darkness slowly casting a haze on the Earth. Then, out of nowhere, the birds begin to sing, the light is much brighter than just moments before, and you have the … Continue reading Darkness and the Light

Praying for Our Own

The quote "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle" is so true. You never know what someone is facing behind closed doors. This is especially true in our youth. The enemy is at work in their worlds and, as both a parent and overseer of students, it absolutely saddens and … Continue reading Praying for Our Own

God Sees the Bigger Picture

Sometimes the things we think we need and want, aren't the things we receive. Sometimes the plans and attempts in life we make, really aren't what's best for our particular situation. I've recently had something on my mind and been praying. I was torn but thinking it would be good for me. Finally, I began … Continue reading God Sees the Bigger Picture

One Day at a Time

Being a mother is one of my greatest blessings. When I had my child everyone told me "Don't blink. Time will pass quickly and she'll be grown." Boy, were they right! I've watched the years pass in what feels like a split second and when I think on how quickly it goes, it saddens me. … Continue reading One Day at a Time

Giving God What’s Left

Raise your hand if you're guilty of giving God what's left, instead of putting Him first. Be honest. Ashamedly, I'm raising my hand. Recently our Pastor posted this thought and it stepped all over my toes (as it should have). "When your life is super busy, what is the first thing you take time away … Continue reading Giving God What’s Left