God Provides

I wrote this a while back but found it rather fitting for right now.

I’ve been thinking about how God provides. No matter what kind of issue we were facing and how much stress or worry there was, God provided. From the greatest struggle to even the smallest of moments, he was there and he provided whatever met our needs.

I’m sometimes overwhelmed with emotion when I think of how he’s truly moved in my life. From struggling with infertility, the heartache of a miscarriage, to being given my greatest blessing and being here years later, he’s never once left my side. No matter how much I worried and battled, he was there and provided.

When I wanted to quit my job in 2010 to be at home with my child, he reminded me that he took care of even the birds and to trust him in taking care of us. He carried us through the financial transition and when the bills were tough, someway, somehow, he always allowed the bills to be paid and food on our table. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, he was working out the opportunity for my current position. I took a leap of faith and He provided.

In 2012 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we prayed in faith for Him to provide healing. He provided!

On a daily basis, HE meets every need that I have. I have literally been having a rough day and mumbled the words “God please show me you’re here” and within 5 minutes, turn a corner to be greeted with a hug and smile from someone. He provided love in a moment where He knew I needed to see Him.

Have I ever doubted that he’ll work out my messes? Of course, but I’m reminded that He hears even the smallest of prayers. Though sometimes He doesn’t answer as I would’ve chosen, He still provides according to His will. This is where FAITH and trust are essential.

His plan is always better than mine and I know my God will provide!

Philippians 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Listen to “God Provides” by Tamela Mann

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