Real Love Is…

When I was younger I had many ideas of what being in love was all about. I remember the newspaper comic strip titled “Love Is…” that always had some scenario about love and relationships. To the naive, inexperienced generation, it portrayed love as a daily dose of cuteness and fun. And, then I grew up.

I began to understand what real love is…

Real love is not what society has made it out to be. It’s not some grand fairy tale that always has romance, butterflies, and googly eyes. It’s not a movie scene where people are swept up in emotions all the time and their lives are always void of any trials.

Real love is rare.

Real love is a sacrifice. It’s trying to find a healthy balance of caring for someone else to the point of selflessness, all while still, somehow, caring for your own needs. It’s a juggling act. Real love is wanting more for someone else than you want for yourself.

Real love is full of hills and valleys. Real love is hanging on when times get tough and when it would be easier to call it quits. Real love is working through things. Real love is a compromise.

Real love is moving past mistakes. Real love is seeking and granting forgiveness. Real love is allowing God to put the pieces together when you feel there’s no way they’ll ever fit again.

Real love is full of hope, encouragement, and dependability. Real love is for better or worse, in sickness and health. Real love is acceptance – even of the things that drive you crazy. Real love is honor and loyalty. Real love is teamwork.

Real love is celebrating good times and lifting each other up in bad times.

Real love is togetherness in the journey. Real love is unity of the soul.

Real love is work and it’s not for the faint of heart. Real love is a choice. Real love is not always easy – and in fact, it’s often complicated.

However, real love is amazingly beautiful on so many levels. When you find the one who makes a difference in your world; the one who knows your faults yet loves and accepts you anyway; the one who’s your best friend; the one who brings peace to your chaos; the one who doesn’t walk away when life gets hard; the one who doesn’t give up on you and the one you could never imagine life without – that, my friends, is real love.

…and real love is absolutely worth it at the end of every day, no matter what you face.