Call Me Crazy…

Just before Noah turned six hundred years old God commanded him to build an ark. Can you imagine the looks and the whispers as he began this task? People thought he was crazy but Noah pushed on and did "all that the Lord commanded him." Being a Christ-follower today still presents its challenges. The world … Continue reading Call Me Crazy…

Darkness and the Light

If you've ever sat in the stillness of dawn you've noticed that light fills the sky a little at a time. It creeps into the darkness slowly casting a haze on the Earth. Then, out of nowhere, the birds begin to sing, the light is much brighter than just moments before, and you have the … Continue reading Darkness and the Light

Slay Your Giants

Goliath, the Philistine, stood six cubits and a span, or approximately nine feet tall. He was covered in hundreds of pounds of armor and he had a bad attitude. For forty days he came forward every morning and evening to take his stand, terrifying the Israelites. David, a mere youth, was sent by his father … Continue reading Slay Your Giants

Even the Vilest Sinner

Let me preface this by saying that God is there, even in the mundane tasks, and if we're listening He might just speak to our hearts. This morning, my husband and I pressure washed the exterior of our home. As I worked on the garage door which was covered with a layer of gunk from … Continue reading Even the Vilest Sinner

Loyal, Responsible Ruth

Ruth is one of only two female named books of the Bible and while it's a short book, with only four chapters, it packs a punch regarding good character. Naomi was Ruth and Orpah's mother-in-law. After some time, Naomi's husband and sons died. Naomi told both Ruth and Orpah to go back to their people … Continue reading Loyal, Responsible Ruth

Broken But Beautiful

Look at the inside of these shells and you see delicately formed layers. These shells have been churned up in storms, beaten and broken BUT they're still beautiful. As I studied these, I thought about people who've suffered heartaches, been broken and churned up by the storms of life, yet they still have a beautiful … Continue reading Broken But Beautiful

Hopeful Hannah

God has been leading me to study women of the Bible. Yesterday He took me to┬áMary, Mother of Jesus and today, He led me to Hannah. As I read about Hannah again, Romans 12:12 came to me. "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." I can relate to Hannah. Having battled infertility … Continue reading Hopeful Hannah