Real Love Is…

When I was younger I had many ideas of what being in love was all about. I remember the newspaper comic strip titled "Love Is..." that always had some scenario about love and relationships. To the naive, inexperienced generation, it portrayed love as a daily dose of cuteness and fun. And, then I grew up. … Continue reading Real Love Is…

Call Me Crazy…

Just before Noah turned six hundred years old God commanded him to build an ark. Can you imagine the looks and the whispers as he began this task? People thought he was crazy but Noah pushed on and did "all that the Lord commanded him." Being a Christ-follower today still presents its challenges. The world … Continue reading Call Me Crazy…

Making Plans

How many times a day do we make plans or plan for our future? How many times do our plans get sidetracked? How many times a day do we try to take control? For me, it happens on an average of every five seconds because by nature I'm a control freak and my own worst … Continue reading Making Plans

Slay Your Giants

Goliath, the Philistine, stood six cubits and a span, or approximately nine feet tall. He was covered in hundreds of pounds of armor and he had a bad attitude. For forty days he came forward every morning and evening to take his stand, terrifying the Israelites. David, a mere youth, was sent by his father … Continue reading Slay Your Giants

Why Not Me?

Do you ever see great things happening in other people's lives and catch yourself thinking  'why not me'?  While you celebrate the blessings other's have received, you might wonder why things aren't going differently for you. It's especially easy to feel this way if you're in a slump and struggling with a situation. Although we never … Continue reading Why Not Me?

When God Says “Do” and You Don’t

One morning about five years ago, I was awakened by God giving me a name and the overwhelming urge to go and check on this person. I hadn't even fully opened my eyes yet so I flipped and flopped arguing with God about this, wondering if I was crazy. Eventually, I figured out that I … Continue reading When God Says “Do” and You Don’t

Even the Vilest Sinner

Let me preface this by saying that God is there, even in the mundane tasks, and if we're listening He might just speak to our hearts. This morning, my husband and I pressure washed the exterior of our home. As I worked on the garage door which was covered with a layer of gunk from … Continue reading Even the Vilest Sinner