One Day at a Time

Being a mother is one of my greatest blessings. When I had my child everyone told me "Don't blink. Time will pass quickly and she'll be grown." Boy, were they right! I've watched the years pass in what feels like a split second and when I think on how quickly it goes, it saddens me. … Continue reading One Day at a Time

I’m Worried, Lord

"I'm worried, Lord." How many times have you used that phrase in prayer? I've lost count. I take my troubles to the Lord but struggle with completely leaving them with Him. I have a bad habit of unwillingly picking them back up and continuing to carry the load. A couple of Sunday's ago our Pastor … Continue reading I’m Worried, Lord

Not Today

Picture it: Easter morning 2018 (as I type this I hear Sophia Petrillo from "The Golden Girls" speaking). I had my coffee first because let's face it, I am no good at functioning without a cup. After that, I proceeded with making my food items for our family gathering, then took care of all my … Continue reading Not Today


But. It's such a common word and it's used to transition from one thought to the next. I caught myself responding to a text this morning saying "I know God's peace and power BUT the enemy hits from every angle." As I typed that it hit me that there should be no "but" inserted. That … Continue reading But…