Real Love Is…

When I was younger I had many ideas of what being in love was all about. I remember the newspaper comic strip titled "Love Is..." that always had some scenario about love and relationships. To the naive, inexperienced generation, it portrayed love as a daily dose of cuteness and fun. And, then I grew up. … Continue reading Real Love Is…

When Turning the Other Cheek Is Hard

I'm guessing everyone knows that person; the person who, sadly, exudes an 'I'm miserable' attitude and doesn't care if the world knows. It's the person who insults you, criticizes your faith and says whatever they feel, when they feel like it, no matter the company. Honestly, it's the person who tries your very patience and who … Continue reading When Turning the Other Cheek Is Hard

Even the Vilest Sinner

Let me preface this by saying that God is there, even in the mundane tasks, and if we're listening He might just speak to our hearts. This morning, my husband and I pressure washed the exterior of our home. As I worked on the garage door which was covered with a layer of gunk from … Continue reading Even the Vilest Sinner

It Begins At Home

LOVE for God begins at home. LOVE for others begins at home. RESPECT for elders and others begins at home. GOOD MANNERS begin at home. GOOD CHARACTER begins at home. KINDNESS begins at home. COMPASSION for others begins at home. GOOD BEHAVIOR begins at home. BEING A LEADER begins at home. SELF CONFIDENCE begins at … Continue reading It Begins At Home

An Overwhelming Love

Imagine yourself living when Jesus walked on Earth. Imagine being mere steps away from Him and your eyes locking with His as He addresses the crowd. Imagine Him at that moment being able to see all that troubled you, stop what He was doing and address you, specifically. As I prayed yesterday morning, my mind was flooded … Continue reading An Overwhelming Love