Praying for Our Own

The quote "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle" is so true. You never know what someone is facing behind closed doors. This is especially true in our youth. The enemy is at work in their worlds and, as both a parent and overseer of students, it absolutely saddens and … Continue reading Praying for Our Own

The Simplicity of Prayer

Have you ever thought about the simplicity of prayer? Some people pray long eloquent prayers while others like myself are, for lack of a better description, Plain Jane's - although specific - with their requests. I sometimes think prayer has been made overly complicated. If you've ever listened to your child pray, they don't complicate … Continue reading The Simplicity of Prayer

I’m Worried, Lord

"I'm worried, Lord." How many times have you used that phrase in prayer? I've lost count. I take my troubles to the Lord but struggle with completely leaving them with Him. I have a bad habit of unwillingly picking them back up and continuing to carry the load. A couple of Sunday's ago our Pastor … Continue reading I’m Worried, Lord