Praying for Our Own

The quote "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle" is so true. You never know what someone is facing behind closed doors. This is especially true in our youth. The enemy is at work in their worlds and, as both a parent and overseer of students, it absolutely saddens and … Continue reading Praying for Our Own

Giving God What’s Left

Raise your hand if you're guilty of giving God what's left, instead of putting Him first. Be honest. Ashamedly, I'm raising my hand. Recently our Pastor posted this thought and it stepped all over my toes (as it should have). "When your life is super busy, what is the first thing you take time away … Continue reading Giving God What’s Left

Even the Vilest Sinner

Let me preface this by saying that God is there, even in the mundane tasks, and if we're listening He might just speak to our hearts. This morning, my husband and I pressure washed the exterior of our home. As I worked on the garage door which was covered with a layer of gunk from … Continue reading Even the Vilest Sinner

Who Controls You?

Since we're all human here I'm just going to go ahead a 'fess up.' Even though I'm a Christian, I still find myself mad and angry sometimes. Once I've settled down, I then find myself ashamed of my actions during those moments, how I've let emotions take over and how I've let my mouth run, … Continue reading Who Controls You?


But. It's such a common word and it's used to transition from one thought to the next. I caught myself responding to a text this morning saying "I know God's peace and power BUT the enemy hits from every angle." As I typed that it hit me that there should be no "but" inserted. That … Continue reading But…